Saturday, January 30, 2010

Treasure at Our Feet

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves,

and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.
- Agnes Repplier

If forced to name them, the biggest obstacles to peace are ourselves and the world. Often en route to the truth of my soul, I get stuck on myself or lost in the world. Or the reverse.

Still we carry the treasured essence within. It is always with us, very near thought it may seem far, and there is no place else to find the treasure but underneath our agitation. It waits there like gold on the bottom of a shallow lake, and though we stand in the water, the treasure at our feet, this stirring of our reflection keeps us from seeing. More often than not, I need to stop moving and thinking and fixing, and simply reach within myself.

So run, if you like, for it will all come with you. Or think and reason as many times as you must, for your heart will outlast the ripples of your thought. Or blame the things ( or people) of this world if you need to, for the things you blame will eventually disappear.

Then you and I will still be left with ourselves and the world and the treasure at our feet.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


finding where I fit
feels a lot like fishing
a vast, mysterious
ocean of experience

it keeps calling

buckets of questions
or nets of honesty
hauling in food for the day
hauling in shells
and pearls and seaweed
from a common depth
no one can see
then spending time
cleaning what I’ve found

hearing what it has to say

everyone alive must fish

requiring stillness
and patience

and a willingness to drift

we never know
where deep things live
much of who we are
lives cleanly
below the surface

we must be nourished
from what lives below
if we are to survive
essential feelings
personal truths
live below
like fish

not wanting to be caught

spiritual fishing
yields spiritual food
secret nourishment
from eating
what lives within us
to eat what lives in our shell

we must open that shell

eating what swims
below our surface
lets us see
the perspective of the deep

Every person I have ever loved and every path I have been called to has shown itself to me after fishing in the waters of my spirit, which entered deep enough, is the ocean of all spirit. It is my belief, we are all connected there, and through this communion – of bringing up and taking in what lives within us – can we hope to uncover our common purpose of being. In committing to this honest practice, wisdom becomes that very good net of a mindful heart, through which we rinse and claim the smallest of shells, those hidden casings that hold both food and pearls.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Like radios
we struggle
through our static

to receive wavelengths

that are always there,
and being human,
we are unable

to sustain

the clarity
to apprehend
the magic
in everything.
So we vacillate
from the extraordinary
to the ordinary,
time and time again,
and most of us blame the world.

Though I feel intermittently gifted, truth remains that our gifts are ever present. If enlightenment comes from clarity of being, then talent is no more than a clarity of doing, an embodied moment where spirit and hand are one. The chief obstacle is a lapse in being.

Talent, it seems is energy waiting to be released through an honest involvement in life. But like so many of us, I check whether I have power with the main switch off – the switch being risk, curiosity, passion, and love.

With this in mind, happiness can simply be described as the satisfaction we feel when we are in ultimate accord, however briefly, in being and doing. In those unified moments, our purpose is life and our talent is living it in its most immediate detail, be it drying the dishes, raking the leaves or washing the baby’s hair.

When I am convinced I have no gifts at all, I implore myself to search for the switch, to try something out of view, to gamble on what is remotely calling. When I lapse between comets, I try to watch fish swim and hear birds glide while I trudge out of sync. And in a tremor of faith, I know if I don’t try at all, it will return as surely and swiftly as light fills a hole.

...Where is your switch today?