Thursday, January 4, 2007

In This New Light

In this new light
it’s clear to see
you can’t accept
the whole of me
and so together
we won’t be

you traded me
like unearned stocks
and worn out socks
because I did not
fit your box

a buisness deal
where profit waned
nothing from
this union gained
you saw no future
you explained

left the scene
without regret
anger that
you won’t forget
most alive
when you’re upset

sad you chose
the safest way
cut it quick
and ran away
hope you find
your happy way

I mean no meaness
with each word
only wish
they could be heard
beyond the love
that got so blurred

you have your path
as I have mine
and for a point
they were in line
my hope is still
we both do fine

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