Monday, January 1, 2007

Last Year

Last year I had a job I was good at and enjoyed. It went away because I stood up for myself, and spoke my truth about how I felt slighted and promised things that hadn’t happened.
Last year I had someone, for the first time, I completely loved trusted and respected. She went away claiming I was unworthy of her love, time and energy.
Last year I had a mother. She died.
Last year I had a daughter that had moved back into my life. She fell silent and withdrew.
Last year I had a belief that I was able to forge forward into new horizons, faithful to the knowledge that all would work itself out. It left me as I stewed and simmered in my own tears and anger at the injustice of my victim hood.
Last year I had dreams and aspirations, goals and ambitions. They went away, replaced by doubts fears and defeat.
Last year was truly the year "two thousand sucks".

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